Delinquency on the rise among young people

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Jubek State Transitional Legislative Assembly (TLA) has yesterday sat to discuss motion on unprecedented rise in Juvenile and young adult’s delinquency, destitution and abandonment in Jubek State.

 Speaking during Jubek State fourth TLA sitting, Peter Duku Wani, the one who presented the motion said for last 10 years the number of juvenile delinquency, destitute and abandoned children has been on steady increase around Juba city.

“ At major markets children are clearly seen sniffing petrol and rubber solutions, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol of varied concentrations. Now at the markets, children below 18 years of age are seen robbing handbags, grabbing cell phones and other people’s belongings,” Duku said.

He added that this phenomenon needs clear explanation from Jubek State Ministry of Gender and Social Welfare to enable the august house to clearly understand the problem and enable it to effectively participate in resolving the problem. 

He pointed out that both boys and girls from age of 10-18 kept together at the orphanage.

“Currently, there are some institutions in Juba taking care of some children living in difficult circumstances. It is very common to see juvenile mothers and fathers with their children drinking and getting drunk together,” Duku said.

Jubek State Chairperson for Committee and Information, Culture, Youth & Sports, Hotels & Tourism, Emmanuel Joseph Kiri said the State Minister of Gender and Social Welfare regarding will be summoned to respond to the motion brought forward.

“The house has result to form joint committee in Jubek state Legislative Assembly to work on the questions and then we will summon the Minister of Gender and Social Welfare to come and answer some questions regarding the motion,” Joseph said.

He added that the committee was given three day after that I think by next week the Minister will come answer some question

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