Delegations returns from Khartoum

By John Agok

The High level delegations led by the Vice President for service cluster yesterday touched down Juba International Airport (JIA) after completing officials visit from Khartoum, Sudan.

Hussein Abadelbagi Akol Ayii has been leading South Sudanese delegations in a bid to participate in Sudan peace celebration in Khartoum and also entrusted to engage Messirya in the North on Dinka-Malual and Messirya peace and Reconciliations.

Speaking to the press, the Security advisor to president who also spoke on behalf of delegations on arrival, Tut Gatluak Manime said that the celebration was colorful and while in Khartoum the delegation also engaged in Messiriya and Dinka–Malual peace and reconciliation in clearing blood compensation of those killed by Dinka–Malual of South Sudan.

“We also engaged in Messirya and Dinka Malual peace and reconciliations. We have already cleared blood compensations of those Messirya killed by Dinka–Malual for peace to prevail among them. What remained now is for Messirya to do the same”, he concluded.

The High level delegations were comprised of Deng Alor who headed the Abyei, Tut Gatluak the security Advisor to the president headed security, and the Vice President leading the government delegations to Khartoum.

The delegations were received by Minister of General Education and Instructions Awut Deng Acuil and Minister of Investment Stephen Dhieu Mathok among others officials.

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