The National Dialogue was meant to be inclusive but somehow this did not happen. Some key players either by design or omission are not attending. These facts can only be left to the political goodwill and should not derail the original reasons mooted to have the occasion. The importance of healing the past wounds and bringing peace in the country should surpass other matters that may take the fourteen days exercise outside the box. It is encouraging that the IDPs and refugees are included in the national convention which had earlier not been included sending fear of selective listing of delegates. Over 500 people are gathered to deliberate on matters which brought about the conflicts and differences among the citizens of this country. It is these matters that should be weighty and be given full attention not to be repeated again. Those in attendance should not waste the public time and resources but instead should come out with matters that would put the past to rest and bring in new chapter which is to unite all the citizens and every part of the country. The delegates should take their assignments seriously and stop idling and wasting time or put aside their being holiday mood which is simmering at the expense of the national calling. Some of them have taken long or have not been in Juba. Let their priority be what brought them to the capital city and not leisure as some have already demonstrated just within this short period of time which they have been in the city. They should know that a lot to save this country are their hands which must bring peace and harmony to all collectively. The delegates should be serious with their planning for the future of this country. It must remain their responsibilities as they converge daily for the 14 days at the Freedom Hall.

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