Delegates in Ethiopia urge citizens to be hopeful for peace

By Martha David

Youth representatives in the IGAD led High Level Revitalization Forum (HLRF) ongoing in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia have urged citizens to be hopeful as the parties to the agreement negotiate on ending the five year conflicts.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor’s journalist in Ethiopia, Jale Richard the youth representative Koity Emily said the parties were putting as much as they could for peace to prevail in the country.

Emily pointed out that when politicians are left to decide on the fate of the country people should not expect anything to happen at the time they wish but rather wait to be shocked when the agreement is signed.

Religious leaders from South Sudan took charge of the peace talks over the weekend in a bid to facilitate a breakthrough through the so called “South to South talks” initiative.

In the first session of the HLRF, the South Sudan Council of Churches asked IGAD to let them conduct an Intra-South Sudanese consultation.

IGAD gave the religious leaders Friday and Saturday to conduct an intra-South Sudanese talks in a bid to bridge the gaps between the various parties.

The religious leaders led by the Archbishop and primate of the Episcopal Church of Sudan and South Sudan Justin Badi Arama were divided into two committees; governance and security. There is also a sub-committee of leadership.

The talks resume today with the regional mediators IGAD taking charge of the negotiations again.





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