DELEGATES-approve four main issues for deliberation

By James Atem Kuir

Delegates to the National Dialogue Conference of yesterday approved four main issues for deliberations during the Conference.

The outlined agenda focus on discussion of issues of governance, security, economy and social cohesion as suggested in the previous grassroots consultation as well as the three regional conferences.

Angelo Beda, the co-chair of the steering committee officially passed the agenda after the delegates’ approval.

According to Abraham Awolic, co-MC of the event, governance, the number one agenda will feature group discussions on important matters of state structure, power sharing, communal relations among others.

“Number one will be state structure and the system of government; this is where we will discuss issues of federalism, number of states, and Presidential system among others.

Number two will be power sharing, while in number three, we will discuss issues to do with communal relations and peaceful co-existence. Group number four will discuss provision of services. At the grassroots and regional conferences, there was a discussion on what services should be provided by the state and the central governments,” Abraham Awolic narrated.

Group five and six will deliberate on land-related issues and traditional authority as well as customary system.

 “Group number five will discuss land…there were discussions in Bahr el Ghazal, Upper Nile and Equatoria on how land should be owned and all that; this is what the discussion is going to be about. And number six, traditional authority and customary system,” he added.

The group discussion will work according to recommendations of the regional conferences and the delegates will choose any of the six groups.

The resolutions of the group discussion are expected to be passed after scrutiny by the plenary committee on day three [today] of the conference.

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