Delaying salary discourages teachers

By Rose Keji Benjamin

The frequent delay in payment of teachers’ salaries is discouraging teachers from the teaching profession, the head teacher of Big-Ben Secondary School said.

Speaking yesterday to Juba Monitor on World Literacy Day, Major Clement Monyoror said most teachers left the profession of teaching due to low payment and delay of their salaries.

He said it is important that the literacy level in the country increases because it is due to illiteracy that leads to tribalism.“Had it been that we are educated then we would understand each other’s problems,” he said.

Monyoror said the country need to put more efforts on education in order to improve the standard of living and fight illiteracy.

He urged the government to train more teachers because most teachers don’t have the skills of teaching.

“We need to take right decisions because we are still left behind since we are born up to now we are still on war; schools destroyed, there is no stability we need to improve the system of the country in terms of education,” said Monyoror. “When there is peace in the country then everything will be possible in terms of education, economic situation, and even security will be good.”

He calls upon the government also to provide teaching materials such as books, blackboards, textbooks, and chalks that most schools lack.

Ajack Deng one of the students in the school said she is happy because government and Girls Education South Sudan (GESS) is supporting and encouraging them to study.

She said the World Literacy Day should be used to create awareness on education since most of the population is illiterate. “They should create awareness on education so that those who do not go to school should go to school,” she said.“Let’s contribute for this country by changing our education level and reducing the rate of illiteracy in South Sudan.”

She said those who drop out should come to school to raise their voices through education.

“We should embrace peace and development and promote girl child education because if you educate a girl you educate a nation,” Deng said.

“We need peace and stability such that we go ahead with education because citizens are discouraged because of war in the country so through peace we shall get wisdom and victory for this country,” she said.


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