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Delaying graduation of Unified forces is a concern – AU

By Nema Juma

African Union, RJMEC, IGAD, CTSAMVM and other regional representatives are concerned about the delay of the graduation of Unified forces in the training centers.

This came after the regional bodies visited the deferent training centers across the country over the weekend and desertion of the forces from the training centers.

While briefing the Chairman of National Pre-Transitional Committee Tut Gatluak yesterday, the Special representative of African Union to South Sudan Amb. Prof.  Joram Mukama Biswaro said that lack of food, medical assistance, water and other basic needs have forced the soldiers to leave the training centers.

“A substantial number of soldiers have left the training centers especially Rejaf which is responsible for training police and the wild life personnel,” Biswaro said.

He added that in December 2019, the soldiers were about one thousand four hundred plus but have now greatly reduced to about nine hundred soldiers only.

“So, a substantial number have left. Our assessment is that this should be addressed, so this morning we briefed the chairman and he has acknowledged the short coming and he concluded that him and other parties will make sure that those issues are solved,” he stressed.

However, the Ambassador said that the chairman did not reveal to them the exact date for graduation of the Unified forces.

He revealed that while in the meeting the Chairman of National Pre-transitional Committee said they earlier had a meeting with Angelina Teny, the Minister of Defense and Veteran Affairs and reached an understanding as to when the graduation of the Unified forces in training would take place.

In 2019, the country started training the Unified forces and a number of troops from government, opposition and other armed groups were gathered in different training centers to be trained to become Unified National Security Forces but the forces have not yet been graduated due to financial issues.

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