Delayed Justice is denied Justice

By Nema Juma

The often popular phrase says delayed justice is denied justice, Juba Monitor reporter Bullen Balla Alexander was arrested last Friday when he was covering a protest in University of Juba.

Bullen  was bundled in the   back of a car after being blind-folded by those believed to be the security agents to unknown destination only later to be taken to Malakia Police station where he remained even by the time of going to press last evening.

Efforts by Juba Monitor management led by Editor in Chief Anna Nimiriano and the Company’s lawyer to secure the release of the reporter since Friday proved futile as both the Public Prosecutor and the investigator keep referring Juba Monitor to the national security. Efforts were equally made to get results from media Authority which were not fruitful.

Bullen was meant to graduate from the University of Juba, College Community Studies and Rural Development yesterday which he missed due to the Mishap.

His professional colleague in both print and electronic media has sent out immediate demand for his release and urged the media authority to show the way on how Journalists should be handled while going about their duties.

 Efforts to reach the Managing Director of Media Authority Elijah Alier and the Chairperson of the Union of Journalists in South Sudan (UJOSS) Oliver Modi were all unsuccessful.

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