Delay in February 22 is accountable

By: Anna Nimiriano

According to the report published yesterday in the newspaper, about 50 days out of one hundred proposed to finalize the outstanding issues have been wasted without giving update report to the citizens of this country. All parties concerned for the reports and monitoring the activities are accountable. That shows that there is no guarantee whether the dateline 22nd February 2020 would be met as it was scheduled. What would happen with the remaining days is not clear.

If they don’t implement most of the things required within 50 days when are they going to comply with the remaining days? Time wasted cannot be regained; it is not going to cover the remaining activities. It indicates delaying programmes ahead of times, which is not for the benefit of the people of South Sudan.

Last year Dr. Riek Machar requested three months from the parties to be used for finalizing outstanding issues, it was granted. When the period came to an end, many things were not finished, they agreed to have another one hundred days, now half of the days has gone much has not been implemented, it shows lack of seriousness in the peace implementation.

We cannot continue pushing the days from time to time. We have a lot of things to be done to end the conflict in the country. All parties who signed the agreement were urged to work harder in the remaining days. Probability of granting another chance to extend the duration is limited.  We cannot continue with the same spirit of not doing things as expected and asking for more days.

During Christmas Eve and New Year, majority of people talked about peace and refugees to come home from the neighboring countries for resettlement. We need all people who have rebelled against the government to come home; we cannot implement it if there is no seriousness in the peace deal.  All of us must not be blaming each other, it is not a solution rather see mechanism of putting things right within the remaining days.

Too much blames on many things is showing element of failure on the dateline indicated above. The other challenge was the funds for peace activities which are identified as one of the obstacles causing delay in the implementation of the peace deal. Enough is enough for what had happened. In this New Year, let us open new chapter for everythings we are doing. What was said yesterday was protest to the people of South Sudan. Things that were not implemented would be accountable to those who are signatories to the document; it is a serious matter, no joke.

May God bless us all.

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