Delay in budget allocation worries says activist

By Kidega Livingstone

The delay in the budget allocation by the Revitalized transitional Government of National Unity causes more panic and mistrust among the citizens, said activist.

Edmund Yakani, Executive Director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) said the Presidency must speak their minds on the budget allocation this week because it was worrying to both citizens and international community.

He said crossing to the New Year without budget as “creating   fear and mistrust among donors and the civil servants as well as ordinary citizens,”

“The political leadership is disturbing because the national budget allocation is not in place and national budget for 2021 ending in July and the budget draft should have gone to parliament.  By now budget should have been passed,”Yakani told Juba Monitor yesterday in an interview.

“My main fear in term of service delivery and how the government will run its duties without budget. Politically it sends wrong messages out there and my appealed is that the Presidency must speak this week their views about the budget of fiscal year 2021,” he added.

 The national budget is the Government’s revenue forecast and expenditure plan for the fiscal year from 30th June to 1st July. The Government shows how it will raise finances such as proceeds from oil, tax and grants from donors in the form of revenues, and how it will spend those finances on achieving its priorities and spurring economic growth and development.

 Between May to June every year of the budget the Ministry of Finance and Planning compiles all ceilings and submits to Council of Ministers Present draft budget to Council of Ministers for review, vetting and approval also in the same months between May to June Draft budget submitted to parliament for approval.

However, Deputy Chairperson, National Fiscal and Financial Allocation and Monitoring Commission, Ben Robin Oduho said the commission has no knowledge about the budget allocation for the fiscal year 2021.

He said the commission would inform Juba Monitor newspaper accordingly in case of any development concerning the budget allocation.

When contacted for comment, Chairperson for Information Committee in national Parliament, Paul Yoane declined to comment, saying he did not have the reference book with him at the time.

“There is something I want to quote concerning the delay of budget allocation but the book is not with me here, will call you if I get it,” said Paul. 

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