Defy hate, use social media well

By Ngor Khot Garang

Words never help if they are not followed by actions. Our contemporary generation is so fond of discussing matters that can’t even bring any personal development, leave about the country as a whole. 

It is what we have forgotten, and even worse some of us never know that this country belongs to them. You will be shocked to find on social media that the young men who just completed their high school yesterday, the ones who can’t even provide food for their families are the ones fanning the embers of hate speech.

I don’t mean you don’t correct the government no matter how young or old you are. Government ought to be corrected by the civil society but not in the way we do it. We have taken the opposite, the one that will turn its fangs against us. We have internalized wrong politics that will even if we try for years not change anything.

Complaint that why is my uncle not in the government or why does the sun come out of the east everyday won’t solve any of our problems. It is wastage of time, why can’t you sit down and work on yourself if you don’t have anything to say to bring people together. You have a family, parents or siblings to care for, why can’t you settle down and work for them instead of blowing the trumpets of division every time.

Who will unite the scattered people of South Sudan if you the young ones; strong and sound minded are the ones carrying the flags of disunity reminding people of what they have forgotten?  Who have not had a share of what happened few years ago that claimed lives and left millions homeless? I though the lesson we learned in 2013 was enough to teach us that division or saying that my tribe or yours is superior than the other or vice versa only leave the country in ruin.

Many people are too cynical today, others who were close friends, others who by then used to call them brothers or sisters are no longer together,  they don’t even step on each other’s toe just because of the wrong information (fake news or propaganda) they were fed on social media.

Enough is enough this time, if you have two lives on earth here that you can live another life in different country apart from South Sudan,  then be kindly informed that we the one who have seen what war is like live once and we don’t want to go back to war again, if you do your social media critique to get name or accolades,  then you better try something else, no organization in this world award those who work day and night to split people who were once together apart, it is not there.  But if you use your social media to soften the hearts of those who have lost hope, you are without doubt going to be celebrated and promoted in heaven.

I thought seeing how people  are suffering today,  we should be inclined to bring the people back, the suffering we found ourselves in is but the result of division, “A house divided against itself cannot stand ” as the saying goes. When we are together, share the same table, one food, and water even if we have little, we can prosper a lot faster than those who have enough but not united. South Sudan remains one with one people, one tribe and one destiny.

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