DEFENSE-board to summon warring commanders

By James Atem Kuir

The Joint Defense Board (JDB) has condemned and summoned the commanders of the SSPDF and SPLA-IO in Kajo-keji area over the recent clashes in Adjeo, Kirwa and Moroto unified training center. The clashes emerged between SPLA-IO forces and those affiliated to Maj. Gen. Moses Lokujo Gabriel, who recently defected to the SSPDF.

On Tuesday this week, fierce clashes broke out in Adjeo (Endejo) and continued for two days, spilling over to Moroto Unified Training Centre following the defection of Gen. Lokujo from SPLA-IO to SPDF.

In light of the violent clashes in the Kajo-keji area, the Joint Defense Board members from various parties convened an emergency meeting to summon the officers involved in the offensives and prohibit further confrontation between the warring forces in the area.

“This is an indiscipline act with some categories of officers; we are going to summon them. And tonight, our intelligence officers will bring us all the updates to enable us, board members to calm the situation,” Gen. Johnson Juma Okot, the SSPDF Chief of Defense Forces vowed.   

“We call upon all those forces that are involved in the area of Kajo-keji to stop moving further to confronting themselves in an exercise that does not comply with the spirit of implementing the peace agreement. As of now there is no good reason that our forces can get involved in confronting themselves while some of them are already in the training centers for re-unification and those who are still outside will definitely have to go through the same process of training,”  Gen. Okot said on Wednesday.

Gen. Okot warns officers joining the SSPDF of indiscipline manners that compromise regulation and ethical conducts of military operations.

“These forces that have broken away from SPLA-IO and joined the SSPDF, (should know that) we don’t condone criminalities, we don’t condone in-subordinated behaviors, we don’t condone people who take laws into their hands, we have a structure, we have laws that govern our conduct of operation and if they are discontented with their former structure, in chapter two of the agreement, this exercise is silent but, we the Joint Defense Board members have the order and the rule to discipline and manage such occurrences,” Gen. Okot empathized.

He called on all forces in the training centers to remain calm and treat the Kajo-keji incident as isolated indiscipline event.

“This is an isolated case, it has nothing to do with Gorom, Owinykibul, Rejaf or in any of our training centers including our cantonments, this is an indiscipline act,” he added.

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