Defection against defection within political parties

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Defection among political parties to the other parties still continues within political camps in the country.

Yesterday,about twelve (12) members led by Major General Makuach Lual from South Sudan United Front/Army of General Paul Malong Awan party defected and joined the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM).

Addressing media, the former SSUF/A Spokesperson Nyamach Nyang Chuol stated that they have returned home after three years in exile since some of them left behindtheir families, colleagues, friends and abandoned jobs institutions.

“When we left, we joined hands with like-minded individuals’ organizations, movements and alliances who we thought will help us bring the changes we seek in our system because we had common frustrations and grievances that pushed us out of the country. Unfortunately, one cannot put their house in order while looking in from the outside. Our group here have resigned from South Sudan Unite Front /Army and declared to rejoin the government. In good faith, we strongly believe that a just lasting peace is our common interest and for that to be achieved,” Nyang said.

“We have to go against our pride, affiliations with parties and movements and learn to work together as brothers and sisters. Speaking from experience, I strongly discourage the youth from rebelling,” she added.

“Rebellion affects families and friendships, rebellion makes you redundant, rebellion will put your talents to dust, rebellion is a complete waste of time, the time that you could be spending building your careers, building the economy, building your family and being an active citizen in your own motherland rather than sitting in a foreign land with your hands tied from affect the change you want to see in your country”, she added.

She revealed that South Sudan is for all and putting the vulnerable needs first should be our main priority. May the youth be given a chance and power to actively get involved in initiatives that will bring more unity, justice, freedom, equality and a prosperous South Sudan? Peace and security are very vital not just for the citizens but for development and to turn this resource rich nation into an investment hub for international investors.

“Give South Sudanese their rightful privileges such as voice, power, access and opportunities to make our freedom fighters proud, let us develop this beautiful nation and stabilize it for the coming generations, the coming generations deserve to find better schools, world class hospitals, roads connecting the Whole country wide, clean drinking water, electricity, job security and a strong economy to name a few. I urge all South Sudanese in the diaspora, in the camps, in the bush and on all walks of life to return back home and be part of the nation building,” she urged.

However, the SPLM Deputy Secretary for Political Affairs and Mobilization Santo MalekAneisaid the group has taken an important decision to come and supportthe peace implementation in the country.

“The SPLM leadership has welcomed the group back to SPLM, this is the right time. Their coming will add the volume to peace implementation,”Anei said.

He added that the group listened to President Salva Kiir Mayardit’s call to join peace implementation “that’s why they are here not because we are given something, the party did not give anything, these are people who have taken their decision to come”.

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