Defection against defection agitates political parties

By Wek Atak

Confusion is agitating political parties which is creating uncertainty among citizens.

Now South Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO) and SPLM-IG has become a habit to some politicians. One will go and join the 1st Vice President Dr. Riek Machar while another will join the leadership under President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

On Friday last week, the former Akobo East County commissioner Colonel Tut Chot Rial Gaw reported that he was resigning from being the member of the SPLM-IO.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, he said that the SPLM-IO party has become a family organization because it is currently Community Based Organization.

“I wrote this letter to Dr. Riek Machar officially to inform him and other members about my resignation from the movement (SPLM/A-IO). I thank all of you for the great time we spent together as comrades in the struggle who decided to liberate our people from the system which never gave them freedom and we tried to rescue them from that system. Unfortunately, we got stuck in the middle of the ocean,” Chot said.

He further revealed that he decided to resign from the party due to what the rest of his colleagues have mentioned in their previous resignations, a thing which he never wanted to repeat.

“I joined the liberation struggle because I love my people and my country. I know that my resignation from SPLM/A-IO will hurt those who know my role and contribution in the movement so far so it can be too difficult for me to continue as a member under these circumstances. I hope the Chairman will accept this sudden resignation,” Chot wrote.

He revealed that he had decided to help his people in different capacities as a normal citizen and if he wishes to join another political party that has a clear vision and objectives towards the prosperity of South Sudan.

However, Juba Monitor’s calls for comments on this issue to Simon Hoth, the acting SPLM-IO Chairman of Bieh were futile. He was called twice.

Last week, Tingo Peter Regbigo Limbo also resigned from the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition, the SPLM-IO.

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