Decoding the codes

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Most things in our daily life are coded. We only need to look at the way we feel, our emotions, the way in which we think and our rationality to see that this is the information that has been stored in our bio-computer. That is to say our personal memory stick that is stored in the body and the brain of each one of us.

At the same time the thinking process, or call it rethinking process,can be used as a convenient tool to do some re-programming for various updates on the personal cognition of our brain and that of our society.

In turn this helps us to take a look at the problems and issues we come up with and to re-set the codes that we have stored in both the body and the brain over time.

As each society develops it builds it`s own DNA of codes and systems. In order to understand the workings of that society we need to look at the codes that have marked the behavior of that society so as to re-set some of the patterns, much like scientists investigating chemical processes.

When looking at the structure of any society we need to understand the so called DNA of that society and take into account the belief systems, traditions, the customs, the way of life and also the geographical location so as to analyze possible ways for restructuring some of the faulty codes.

Often national politics, long-term strategies, and national interest are drawn around the pre-set boundaries determined by long term coding patterns. However, in many countries, soft power and weak points may be determined by analyzing the above-mentioned cultural DNA codes to create long-term policies for national as well as international interests.

It is essential to draw up a blueprint of both the weaknesses and the strengths when analyzing a society, particularly in the case of ones own country or society, because the history is indigenous to the people of that society, therefore it can be problematic when tasking this to an outside entity.

When allowing external forces alone to run up a new blueprint in your society one is giving away the history, the customs and the knowledge gained over generations of well-earned practice. Therefore, when examining the facts of your society or country in order to draw up a new blueprint to reset the coding, great care must be taken to make sure that the benefits are for your country and your people.

We know all too well that too many times, as I have written before, that if someone`s survival depends on your resources, they will not leave you alone.Therefore we must make sure that we analyze our own societal and historical codes otherwise those outside sources will attempt to decode your system to get what they want.

Creating a blueprint and decoding the codes varies and can be used in many different fields by using the different sets of skills and tools available to achieve the most positive and productive results for both short term and long term benefits.

Until the next article, stay safe and sound.


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