By: Anna Nimiriano

December is the last month of the year known by everybody in the world. Most International Organizations are ending financial year in this month. Some of them are rushing to finish programmes that were scheduled for this year and planning for next year progammes.  If you ask a child of basic school about December, he or she will tell you 25th of this month is Christmas Day. They even know activities to be done in the house as preparation for Christmas through their parents. However, Christmas is a day that Christians all over the world are commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ once a year. It is Christians who believe in universal church.

Yesterday in the churches, priests were preaching about the beginning of this month which Christians should prepare their faiths for the birth of Christ. The preparation of church is different from government and other groups of people in the country.

Some families may be are thinking of how to purchase home items, clothes, shoes for children. The salaries they received last month may be finished with loans they have. If another salaries could be paid in December, that could help them better.   Others are preparing for both buying clothes, shoes, gifts to friends and cleaning their hearts to receive Christ with clean heat. That is the most important part in Christian life. If you hold somebody in your hearts for many months, start cleaning it now. Ask forgiveness from God and reconcile with your enemies. Those in the church know it very well. Several people are praying and fasting especially women of good will.

 Let us use this month for special prayers to sustain peace in the country. We know there are some outstanding issues to be finalized within 100 days for the formation of transitional Government. It needs prayers and fasting from Christians.

While preparing for Christmas, let us clean our environment. Juba is dirty, City Council failed in the programme of cleanness. If you are cleaning your house, extend to the surrounding around you. I understand that there is group of people who have started cleaning campaign in Juba, let them continue with it, other organizations and people of good hearts too to joint them, so that we celebrate Christmas in clean environment. Health is for everybody, if there is breakout of any disease, it should not select, it would affect everybody in Juba and the country at large. Last year I wrote the same appeal, some people clean areas around them, this year also let us do the same. God will bless your pockets if you do it willingly for the health of people in this country. 

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