The loss of lives in the plane crash as it happened on Saturday morning where eight people perished and one seriously injured should send a clear message to the aviation industry in the country that something is really wrong with the planes that are being used for domestic purposes. It is still fresh in the minds how the previous disasters involving some local flights robbed a number of families of their loved ones. There are all indications that most of these aircrafts are out-dated and are like death trap waiting to strike. Some are said to be more than 50 years old which cannot be allowed to fly anywhere in the skies of the world. How they get their ways into the country is what the aviation industry should tell the public. Indeed there is need to have proper and well managed domestic flights which meets the required international standard. It is unfortunate that somewhere along the line someone is not seeing the need to regulate and allow only properly maintained and managed small aircrafts. While aviation investigates the circumstance that led to the crash, there is need to bear in mind that reports of the past crashes starting from 2008 passengers plane that crashed in Lakes State, a Cargo plane that crashed in River Nile, a Passenger plane that crashed in Lake Yirol, Lakes State, and a passenger plane that crashed recently in New Fangak have not been made public to the satisfaction of the majority. The aviation industry players should not gamble with the lives of the general public whose only means of reaching their preferred destinations in the country are the use of domestic flights, cargo or passenger planes. Strict measures should be put in place to clear off the airspace some of the aircrafts which do not meet the aviation standard. It is not the first time this type of call is being made. It has been done before but only promises of taking appropriate measures announced without action. Action must be seen to be put in place and this can only be done now by those charged with responsibilities to do so. Not otherwise.

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