Death toll of refugees killed in Sudan shot-up to 17

By William Madouk Garang

South Sudan ambassador to Sudan yesterday confirmed that he had received the report of 15 South Sudanese refugees who were killed in abnormal circumstances in Sennar state, Sudan.

On Monday this week, 15 South Sudanese refugees were gunned down by disgruntled Sudanese youth in Sennar State, after a confrontation they had with a boss who had hired them to work with him in a sesame plantation. Based on the agreement the Sudanese businessman was to transport them back after work was done. 

But after they finished their three days’ work the boss allegedly refused to return them back which transpired into a fight in which the manager was killed and the youth joined in retaliation.

“On Monday, there was a fight that took place inMedana suburbs, Sennar State. A Sudanese trader came and took some South Sudanese youth from Sennar to go and work with him in his sesame scheme and promised to return them back after they finished their work,”

“After they finished their labor the boss refused to transform them back, which angered on the employee who hit the boss with stick which led to his death”:, a source had earlier told Juba Monitor

South Sudan envoy to Sudan, KauNak Mapper said that they had received the information and they had raised the issue with Sudanese authorities and the police had intervened yesterday with some suspect arrested and investigation were going on.

“This news was reported to me but from difference sources up to now the list I have does not reach the number that was reported I only have name of 12 people but other five others had not reached my desk. I receivedinformation that 15 South Sudanese and 1 Sudanese had died in the fight,” Maper confirmed to Juba Monitor on phone.

However, a South Sudanese activist based in Khartoum, Achol Malong stated this morning two more South Sudanese refugees corpse were also found this morning which the bring the total of death from 15 to 17 death.

“it’s now 17 people because two more body were discovered this morning in the same place where incident took place and since yesterday police are still on hunting,”Malong said.

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