Death toll of refugees killed in Sudan reaches 42

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

South Sudanese Activist in Sudan, Achol Malong yesterday confirmed that she received a report of forty-two South Sudanese refugees killed in Sennar State, Sudan.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Achol Malong said that the Sudanese police were reported to have gone to the scene and recovered some dead bodies.

“Yesterday the police went to sesame area and found some bodies but they are still looking for the rest of the missing bodies that were reported killed” Achol said.

However, she said that the total number of the people killed has risen to forty-two, since this retaliation started. In the meantime, the police are still discovering the bodies dumped in the sesame plantation area.

On the same note, The South Sudanese Ambassador to Sudan, Kau Nak Mapper, said that he has not received any figure yet.

“I have raised this issue to the Foreign Affairs Ministry which has raised it the government, however the government has sent forces to the area,” Nak said.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Deng Dau when asked by Juba Monitor, said that he has just arrived in the country and is not aware of thepersistent killing of the South Sudanese in Sudan.

“I have just arrived in the country, in the meantime, I have no information.

Meanwhile On 8th October, fifteen (15) South Sudanese Refugees were gunned down by displeased Sudanese youth in Sennar State after a confrontation they had with their boss who hired them to work in sesame plantation.

However, based on the agreement.their boss was to transport them back afterthree days’ work. The boss allegedly refused to return them back which resulted into a fight in which he was killed and the youth joined in retaliation.

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