Death toll in Cueibet clashes rises to eleven

By Mabor Riak Magok

The death toll in Cueibet County, Lakes State has risen to eleven after five men and one woman were killed last weekend, said Zechariah Mamer Thokgor, Executive Director of Cueibet County.

The incident happened following inter-communal fighting between section of Pagok and Ayiel of Gok community which resulted from cattle raiding last weekend.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Director Mamer confirmed that 11 people were killed after Pagok and Ayiel engaged in inter-communal clashes on Friday last week.

“Initially it was one woman that was killed by a raider from Ayiel section on Thursday, but it was revenged against Ayiel section by Pagok section on Friday,” said Mamer.

He said the State government is preparing to send more security forces to intervene in the situation.

The Acting Commissioner of police in Cueibet County, Colonel Machar Muorwel said no one has been arrested by police yet.

Col. Muorwel said those who were killed include six women, among them a pregnant woman and five men.

“The area of incident is not accessible by security forces due to flood and poor condition of roads,” said Col. Muorwel.

He said there were no security forces who went to separate the fighting in Agangrial village.

“They fought with each other until they got separated alone without any security forces intervention,” he said.

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