Death in the sky, cargo plane crash killed five in Kondokoro

By Emelda Siama John/ Lodu William Odiya

Five people including the pilot  died in a cargo plane crash in Kondokoro shortly after take- off from Juba International Airport  yesterday, however the cause of the crush was yet to be known,

Addressing the media at the scene, the National Minister of Transport Madut Biar Yel said that the cargo plane was carrying oil to UN office in Maban.

“The cargo plane which has crashed was carrying twenty eight drums of diesel going to Maban,” said Yel. 

However, the Director of Juba International Airport (JIA) Kur Koul  confirmed the incident saying  that they were working towards establishing the  cause of the crash.

“It is true that there was a plane crash, it was a cargo plane belonging to Optimum Aviation Company, it was going to Maban and on board were five people including thecrew but we have not established the cause of the crash,” said Koul.

He stated that there were challenges to access the scene of the tragedy because it was far away from the airport and difficult to crossthe bridge where the plane had crashed to the East of the NileRiver.

Meanwhile at the scene, several eyewitnesses said that the cargo planebelonging to Optimum Aviation Ltd was taking goods to Maban County, Upper Nile State and seems to have been overloaded leading to the crash.

They also said that it was an antonov26 which crushed in a distance from 10.5 km/6.6MI Juba to Kondokoro approximately 10.5 km

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