Dear youths, how far is tomorrow? (Part 1)

By Malek Arol Dhieu


How far is it? How far is tomorrow that youths do not get ready now? How far is tomorrow that theyouth representatives accept to walk on a dewy road? How far is tomorrow that youths aren’t kept awakened by the drumbeats of tomorrow? How far is tomorrow that youths aren’t encouraged by the beautiful view of tomorrow to get prepared? Is it because tomorrow has its own tomorrow and tomorrow’s tomorrow also has its own tomorrow, and the queue of tomorrows continues? I can complete this article with questions but,too much of something always causes an uneasiness. Youths are often referred to as leaders of tomorrow by the elderly peoplealthough some of them say it for the sake of saying it and others mean it for certain. In either sake, youths are the successors of the elderly people by the dint of nature.No old man succeeds another old man, and this same statement too works for old women! For countries where old men/women succeed other old men/women, aged decisions always verge their countries on wars and enlist them among countries with deranged systems. I don’t know whether it is fortunate or unfortunate to say youths of South Sudan have loaned their tomorrow to yesterday and today without remembering that yesterday and today are bad engineers, I mean bad future-designers to collaborate with. If that fact is not more convincing, then the fact that the history mentions no living young aspirants is much more convincing. Blamed not are the leaders but the youths,because the historic country that has claimed millions of lives to become independent can’t be given to youths who have not asked for her leadership. If any youths liethat they have once asked the elderly people, then when and on which occasion did they tell them that the tomorrow you always refer us to has finally come? My blaming finger points at the youths for not getting prepared within the twelve hours of today so that it is preparations that will speak to yesterday and today to keep to their promise of excusing tomorrow. To youth representatives who have the task of preparing tomorrow by participating in today’s decision making, I only have a story to cite for you in this first part of “how far is tomorrow” article. During Noah’s period and particularly, when Noah was above waters of the flood with two of every creature, a very small bird was sent on earth to confirm whether or not the earth was still covered with water. It was instructed to return along with a grass to convince Noah that the earth was totally dry. On reaching the earth, it found that the earth was so foody that it completely forgot about its pledge of allegiance to Noah. What happened then? Days passed by and the bird could not return thinking that it had tricked Noah, but as spiritual as Noah was, he foresaw thatsuch a type of bird would fail the mission. Noah sent another type of bird and that bird followed the Noah’s instructions quiet well, and returned on time. When Noah descended, his spirituality told him that the earth was drier even when the first bird landed to it and he cursed that bird and its generationsto fart for life. You all know how embarrassing is farting! Youth representatives are like the first bird sent by Noah to confirm the dryness of the earth and remained unreturned to save the other flood survivors. The question to ask is that, are they alone in dusking tomorrow? They are not alone. I can see the shadow of two extra legs behind those of youth representatives and my intuition tells me the youth representativesare muted with false promises by yesterday and today to remain unreactive in the process of either denaturing tomorrow or preparing it in a way that it looks identical to the ugly yesterday and today. It is not too late for youths to get entangled to become much stronger and break in to the room where tomorrow is being crafted to participate in its dexterity. If youths are deceived by the fact that tomorrow has its own tomorrow and tomorrow’s tomorrow also has its tomorrow, then there is no better tomorrow like the tomorrow that immediately follows today.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba

He can be reached at malengaroldit@gmail.com or +211922332811.

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