Deal with troubles

By Akol Arop Akol

There is no human without troubles and no place without problems in the world. Troubles come unexpectedly in all forms, physically or invisibly.

Sicknesses, wars, famine, death and relationship breakups shall hit us like thunder but you and I should not worry. Don’t give up in life! Know that someone somewhere is going through the same problem or worse.

Some people have problems that if given to you, you would take to your heels or do away with your life.

It is better that we see others suffer too, otherwise we would keep saying that God has subjected us to endure pain while others leave a happy life.

We learn from each other’s experience. They say do not compare your life with others’. Simply meaning be contented with what you have. Don’t be greedy for every good thing that you see because you will grow envious. Eny is a disease of the heart.

On the other hand, when you have problems, you are told to look around and see people facing the similar challenges. Then know that in times of hardship, don’t think the world hates you.

As Human one is bond to face good and bad situations. It’s just how our world works. Never expect everything to be fine. That’s why God’s messengers keep encouraging us to be awake and always pray because the temptations are many and the kingdom of God is near.

God’s children should open their eyes and be ready to face the troubles. Many people may think that those whose lives are full of ups and downs are non-believers, but the truth is believers who even have faith are troubled as a way of testing their faith.

After temptations, some people would ask why God! Why always me? Is God having hand in the suffering of the human beings? It is a no. God so loves the World and that is why He sent His only son to die in the place of mankind, to redeem the sins and give him an everlasting life.

The evils in this world are uncountable; God would have destroyed the world where crimes and humiliation are constant against His beloved creatures. Life started longtime ago and affected by one sin that was committed in the Garden of Eden.

No matter how the humans are coming up with new findings, theories and new technologies to make life easier. There are still many problems. This means the world cannot be in peace without troubles and you are no exceptional. You need to realize that all people have problems in life.

Therefore you must not lose hope when troubled, good days are coming for you. No matter how you see darkness coming your way, pray to God to protect you.

You will not be strong alone, you cannot walk alone and the only person to be by your side from the beginning until the end is your creator God.

You may ask fellow mankind for help but sometimes they can’t give what you want, so turn to your God, for He will protect and provide you with all you need.


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