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Deadlock in E African students’ union vice president nomination

By Yiep Joseph

The move to nominate a legitimate representative for South Sudan in the East African Students’ Union to serve in the position of vice president remained a deadlock.

Last week the East African students’ Association Nominated and inaugurated Micheal Makor Manut from South Sudan as vice president for the East Africa students’ Union. A move that received a lot of criticism from many students in the country.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, Nabi Nabe Mutebi, the Executive Secretary for East Africa students’Union revealed the misunderstanding in the nomination of the vice president for the union among students.

“The nomination was made for students Associations in the East Africa countries however after we nominated for South Sudan, we received a lot of complains therefore we are working to suspend the nomination” Mutebi said.

He added that the union would first consult the various students’ institutions in South Sudan in order to get a legitimate nominee for the position of the vice president.

“What we did was nomination, we requested South Sudan students’Organization to nominate one person for thepost of vice presidents, but we realized that there is misunderstanding in South Sudan” he said.

Mutebi said that they got the information about the internal misunderstanding about the nominated person.

He added that the swearing-in for South Sudan vice president was done in Arusha attended by the nominated and attended by nominated vice president online.

“The one for South Sudanposition is still vacant as per now because when we get the information, we decided to suspend the nomination” he revealed.

He added that the union was willing to receive opinions from different parties in order to settle the misunderstanding and get legitimate vice presidents still from South Sudan.

Meanwhile Chol Thon, a student at University of Juba revealed that the position of the vice presidents for East African students’ Union was misplaced, adding that the person nominated by the Union was not legitimate for the seat since election has not yet been conducted.

“Since we did not have elected president, we are told by East African students’ unionthat the position remains vacant to be assumed later by the elected president of South SudanGeneral Students Union” Thon said.

South Sudan General Students’Union is a body meant to oversee students’ activities in the country. however, the Union remained under steering committee since its conception. On the 25th of May the Union tried to convey its first convention, unfortunately it was postponed till today. 

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