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DC Party: Onyoti dismisses Dr. Lam Akol

By Moses Gum

The Democratic Change Party leader Onyoti Adigo Nyikwec has dismissed Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin from the Party.

Dr. Lam was dismissed with twenty three other members including the Party Secretary General Deng Bior Deng. Akol and others were removed from the DC Party due to what Onyoti’s group termed as ‘Hostile behavior’.

In a dismissal letter dated 5th October, 2018, obtained by Juba Monitor, the dismissed members violated article (9) sub-section (3) by changing their political affiliations from the DC Party.

Onyoti Adigo, the Chairman of the Democratic Change Party said the dismissed members were given general amnesty to change their minds and come back to the party but remained hostile to the party leadership.

He said as the Chairman of the party in execution of the National Committee Resolution meeting he dismissed the members from the Democratic Change Party as of 1st October, 2018.

Onyoti said the members has nothing with DC Party again since they refuse to come back and directed that any person with property of the party must surrender back immediately before action is taken.

He said any party member who decides to come back as an individual will be allowed and will be treated as a person and not group.

In August 2016, Dr. Lam Akol who was heading the Democratic Change Party resigned as its chairman.

Dr Lam resigned from all his leadership positions in the country, including the chairmanship of his party and the ministerial portfolio where he served as Agriculture and Food Security Minister as well as member of JMEC.

Michael Othow Bol, the acting Secretary General of the DC Party also confirmed that the dismissed members have been called several times to report back to the party and nothing forthcoming.

He said after several attempts to have the members back, the National Executive Committee resolved to dismiss the members and the chairman executed it accordingly.

“These members have been called many times, but they refused and become very aggressive to the party. So the party decided to dismiss them,” he said.

He said some of the dismissed members joined armed movements; a move he described does not match with principles of the Party.

“Since DC is a peaceful party, we don’t tolerate people fighting the government to be with us. We are democratic and non-violence institution. We believe in peaceful resolution”, he said.

According to Othow, the constitution of the party state that ‘if the position of the chairman remains vacant, a replacement is seen after 60 days.

Onyoti Adigo who was the leader of Minority in the National Parliament was nominated to replace Dr Lam Akol to the National Alliance and to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security.

Attempts to reach Dr. Lam and the Dismissed members for comments were futile by press time.


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