DC Party factions agree for dialogue

By Opio Jackson

The two rivaling factions of South Sudan’s leading opposition party, the Democratic Change DC, have agreed todialogue in order to end the disagreements that emerged when a new chairman was elected to replace Dr. Lam AkolAjawin.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Deng Bior Deng, who still maintains that he is the legitimateSecretary General of the DC party says his group is ready for dialogue with the faction of Hon. OnyotiAdigoNyikwec.

“We are ready to dialogue with them as long as they inform us about the agenda and who is going to mediate between us,” Bior said.

“So those of Onyoti should write to us and stating it very clearly who is going to mediate the dialogue between us because as one party, we cannot mediate among ourselves.”

However, Biorreiterated that Onyoti is “not the legitimate chairman of the party because his election did not follow due process.”

He added that it is the national convention that elects the chairman but not the party national leadership council.

Donald Gideon Azzo, the Deputy Chairman of the DC party faction led by Hon. OnyotiAdigo said their group is also ready for dialogue with those led by Deng Biorat any time.

“We are appealing toDeng Bior Deng and his group to seek for dialogue instead of making false statement against the leadership of the party,”Gideion told Juba Monitor.

He further stressed that Hon.Adigowas democratically elected as chairman of the party in accordance with the party Constitution.

Gideon said he failed to understand why Bior’sgroup wants the party to continue without a chairman and yet the former leader Dr. Lam Akolresigned and formed an armed resistance against the government.

“Deng Bior Deng and his group have different motives and their interest is best known to them…. because they are convinced by Dr. Lam Akol that Democratic Change party should continue to operate under acting chairman until further notice. We cannot keep the vacancy empty since DrLam’s membership has been terminated by the party,” he said.

Gideon said hisfaction wants a unified Democratic Change partybut added: “If there are some people who have different ideology, they can quit the party but Onyotiwill still remainthe elected chairman.”

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