Day Four: witnesses testified in Bishop-elect’s case

Bishop-elect Christian Carlassare

By John Agok

The two of four witnesses appeared and testified before the court yesterday in which two remaining witnesses will testify tomorrow in Bishop’s historic case.

Judge Alexander Sobor Subek confirmed the session on two of the four witnesses and the remaining two witnesses will conclude their testimonies on Friday at 11:00 am.

Four witnesses include; Fr. Andrea Osman Okello, Fr. Luka Dor Agor, Abedego Marol and Jonah Marier arraigned before court.  The first testifier was Fr. Andrea Osman Okello who worked for 22 years in the Catholic Diocese of Rumbek (D.O.R) and currently serving as the vicar general in the Rumbek Diocese. He said, he only knows first and third accused respectively as Fr. John Mathiang and Gabriel Deng.

He saw Sebit the suspect coming to Fr. John Mathiang in the compound. They used to come in as relatives to Fr. Mathiang but not really working officially in the priest’s compound. Bishop-elect‘s room with Fr. John Mathiang‘s room is about 30 m and mine is 15 m in one direction.

“I heard the sound of gunshot and groaning sound calling for help!  “ abuna , help abuna help abuna!” I am the first person that came out for the rescue of bishop-elect and Fr. Luka Dor and later came Fr. John Mathiang and we took the victim to hospital after attackers ran away. I anointed the Bishop-elect after being wounded at both right and left legs while lying down in front of his door”, he testified.

Fr. Luka Dor the second witness said , he heard a gunshot while sleeping in his room next to the wounded Bishop-elect of about 4 m distance at around 12:31 night on 26th . April. 2021

“I heard a gunshot around 12:31 night, I woke up and stayed on bed, I lit torch of my phone and peeped over the window and I saw the tall attacker shooting at the door of Bishop-elect. I opened my door in one minute and came in immediately and tall attacker holding gun and dressed in head with white cloth start running away after trying fire four bullets but failed.  I came to hospital with victim and participate in the process of taking Bishop-elect to Nairobi, while Fr. John Mathiang was not there when we were carrying victim to the car but later on he climbed the car taking Bishop-elect to hospital”, 38 years old Luka testified.

The two testifiers were priests who served in the Rumbek Diocese under the leadership of Fr. John Mathiang (First accused) when was Diocesan Coordinator. Testifiers also added that, the four clerics including wounded Bishop-elect were living in the same residence of Catholic Fathers at a close distances of 30, 15, and 4 meters respectively.

The remaining two witnesses are Abednego Marol and Jonah Marier to testify on Friday, waiting for judge‘s announcement for final verdict of the historic case.

Bishop-elect Christian Carlassare was shot after spending only ten days in Rumbek Diocese and while waiting for his consecration.

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