Dating a stupid girl is like taking a hot tea; you sip it once and put down. There are beautiful girls wherever you go but fall in love with the one who pleases you. There is something powerful that drives you. That is affection. Love is a feeling of imperfect beings since the function of love is to bring humans to perfection.

Love calculates the hours for months, and days for years and very little absence is like an eternity. It is good to love and win but hurts when you lose after many years in love. Love is an act of endless forgiveness and tender look which becomes a habit. True love knows someone’s faults or weakness yet you still love them even more despite the wrong sides. Love from one side hurts but when it is from both (two) sides, it heals and brings joy.

Affection is like a knife that stabs the heart or curve wonderful image into the soul that will last a lifetime.  An act of love that fails is such like as much a part of the divine life as an act of love that succeeds. The love is more measured by fullness but not by receptions.

The first duty of love is to listen and study the person who is affectionate.  Dating anyhow is risky and harmful to the heart.  People have turned wooing relationships into business affairs. That is one hand coming and the other going.

Some girls nowadays, are like computer viruses; they can enter into your life, scan your pocket, transfer your money, edit your mind, download problems, delete your happiness and can shut down your life. Are you ready to be down lowered? You have to be careful when you are dating dot com girls. Some men often corn and marry many wives but actually, they would stick to those whom they truly love.

Patient is the most things that keep love standing and smooth. Time will come when you will love someone and be loved back equally. Loves does not come along with riches or poverty as the saying goes that when poverty comes through the door, love escapes through the window. Definitely no! Quest as the bracket of love has no riches, they just lay out.

It hurts to love someone and not loved in return. It is usual that people always give their hearts to their beloved ones hoping they will love them too. Love is just a gift given by God to every living creature and with all normality. It requires some wisdom during courtship period to avoid being hurt or heart broken.  I think God gives us courtship purposely time for studying one another before getting married.

But sometimes, we choose wrong minded girls and dating them becomes like sipping a hot tea. A girl could be very rough and tough to handle. Taking her responsible is tormenting. She is also like a lung cancer at times the victim appeared to be healthy after a while and feel gruesome again.

Your relationship is ever lumpy, full of annoyances and quarreling. Please do not woo girls deliberately for jumbo enjoyment. It is dangerous to your own life. You may get HIV/AIDS when you come into contact with the infected one.

Being single is better than being in immoral relationship. Changing your looks, lifestyle and personality to please someone is a waste of time because if they really love you, they would accept all of you automatically as you are.

Don’t rush but develop normally in order to get the responsible girl or woman in your youthfulness. Marry the partner who will always fuel your hopes and dreams with maximum support that you need. Don’t forget that the respect precedes the love. Make your ways of life carefully.

The good advice for lovers is not to get intimate date. Don’t rush when making relationship with the one you adore.

Every good relationship especially the one that leads to marriage is based on respect. Don’t find reasons to stay with someone who always finds reasons to leave and never falls in love with the words he or she says. Just fall in love with one who falls in love with actions.

Don’t talk too much about your weakness and defeats from beginning. A dating advice is to talk small things with meanings. You should talk about yourself in an open way, but leave a wave of mystery. Beauty only captures attention but personality captures the heart.


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