Darling Wisdom embarks on quality education

By Bullen Bala Alexander

In an effort to improve education system, Darling Wisdom Academy, a private owned school has embarked on strategies that could improve education in the country.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, the Director of Darling Wisdom Academy School Noble Arem Raik, said, it was high time the country’s partners in education prioritizes home based learning then depending on foreign education.

Mr. Raik who doubled as Secretary General of South Sudan National Union of Private Schools (SSNUPS) said the country must aim for better and quality education.

“We have to act properly, we must put better education system and policies, to do that, we need to pay teachers properly, in time and they must be motivated well so that the teach our children,”

However, the Director revealed that lack of proper payment of teachers has put the country’s education system in danger.

He said one of the concerned issues pertaining to the education system in country, was the rampantof“Bakar” in Arabic, cheating in examination among the school children.

“So, we are concerned that it should be eliminated because it is rampant in the country. It needs our collective actions and responsibility to rap the leaders to accountability to ensure that examination multi-practice sends,” Director Raik cited.

He said the practice was affecting the children’s future and it would continue to affect if it is not given much attention by different stakeholders in the country. 

According to the Director, the country’s leaders should gear up measures to alleviate the rampant examination malpractices may destroy the future of young children.

“As Darling Wisdom School, we are against cheating because if the exams are cheated, we would have lowered the future of the country.”

He added that, “When you allow cheating, you will always produce fake doctors, economist, teachers, lawyers and victuals country will produce everything fake.”

He said the rampant cheating among the students in the country, has made the students/pupils to jump classes.

He explained that even the students were jumping from senior one, and two to sit for the senior four simply because they knew and believed that they would pass by cheating.

“The uncontrollable cheating in the country has encouraged laziness among the children, they became indiscipline, it makes them not to follow lessons, because they know that they will cheat later,” he revealed.

However, he said there is need for the education authority to wake and work hard in order to build and plan the culture and mentality children’s owning education for themselves.

According to the Director Raik, school is ground where you check the future of children, saying when students become indiscipline from beginning, then their future becomes doom hence the future is destroyed.

“Unless we the South Sudanese work hard to change the mentality of our children in the country and build the culture that can make them own education by themselves,” he stressed.

He added that “Just like other countries; Uganda and Kenya where a child knows that education is their future.”

For his part, Atem Deng Atem, Director for New Sudan Primary School (NSPS) Mangalla Breach, stressed that there was a need for stakeholders in the country to be educated on the dangers of children’s cheating exams in the societies.

He said they have noted serious examination cheating across the country.

“According to my own analysis of what the Arabic calls “Bakar” has destroyed education system in the country.”

“We need to be realistic, we need not to push our pupils or students to pass of what they do not know but we need them to pass what they know,” he added.

He urged school children to work hard instead of relying on “Bakar” “we should not be educated on papers but we have to be educated on our minds.”

He said people need to embark on how the country could eradicate examination cheating.

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