Darling Wisdom Academy awards car to its best student

By Yiep Joseph 

Darling Wisdom Academic secondary school awarded a car to its top performer in the recent Certificate of Secondary Education (CSE) Exams in a ceremony held at school premises on Saturday.

Kuot Kiir who scored 94.4 percent who earned the fourth position nationwide was handed a Toyota Passo as a gift for elevating the name of the school.

Other students John Akok Ring, Jack Gai Manyang and KuchBol Mabior who scored 93.1%, 93.0% and 93.7 respectively also received financial tokens of unspecified amount each in ceremony attended by parents, school administration and students.

Darling Wisdom Academy  comprises of secondary school, primary and a kindergarten located in Mauna is not new to having best students in the national exams.

While addressing the gathering, Noble Arem Riak the school Director revealed that the gift was a fulfillment of the promise he had made to reward the best student in 2020 results.

“I promised to give a car to the best students and some tokens of appreciation to other and this is what we are doing today” Noble Said 

“Dear parents keep in mind that we always fulfil our promises in Darling Wisdom and that is why I invited you to come and witness” he added. 

He said that the school performed well in the recent 2020 results and urged the student to maintain the spirit and aim higher

He revealed that Darling Wisdom had been performing well since its establishment in 2018.

“When we started this school in February 2018, we hada zeal and ego to do something for the country, we had a big mission and this mission is what we are working for up to now” Noble said.

“The first candidates in 2018 emerged with the second-best with 95.1% nationwide” he added.

“In 2019 as we continued with our big mission, we did the same the second best in the country came from Darling Wisdom with 94.6% that was a second set. the third one is what we correctly called the corona candidates and we hope for the best” he narrated.

He appreciated the parents and promised to deliver necessary services to the students.

“I promised parents that your money  paid as fees will never go in vain, I usually tell teachers that it is evil to take someone’s money as private school and you do not deliver” he promised.

“Parents have to pay the money and their children must be taught” he added.

“It is only in Darling Wisdom where students do not miss classes and teachers do not miss teaching” he revealed.

“Our spirt in Darling is that we do not have competitors, we do not see other schools as competitors but we see them as partners because we are serving the same purpose, the same objective and the same people and the country” he revealed.

Bidali Erinesto Stephen head teacher of the school appreciated the director and the teaching staff for their cooperation and commitment towards delivering quality education to the students

“Taking town to the people means giving necessary modern services to the people and this is what our director has done by establishing Darling Wisdom Secondary school” he expressed.

He called on the students to remain committed to pass exams and later join university to build their future career

Badali appreciated all the parents for their support and urged them to continue citing that teacher would continue to deliver.

Mary Akur one the student appreciated the school administration and appealed to her colleagues to be committed with studies.

Meanwhile Khot Kiir the best student who received the car appreciated the school administration and appealed to them to continue with the system of motivating students who performed well.

He recognized the job done by his parents, the friends and the staffsin shaping the future.

“I am happy for the gift and called on the school administration to continue with such system” Kuot said.

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