Darkness of tribal wars (3/3)

The category of the blind supporters of tribal wars is not only the largest group in the nation but also the most powerful people in the country. They are spread nationwide and ready to support the tribalism and tribal wars blindly whenever it arises. They are the most zealous groups whose membership is derived out of tribe or ethnic nationalism which transcends geographical boundaries such as states or regions.

The ultimate objective of these tribalMujahedeen(militants) is to defend their leading sons and daughters to whom they pay solid loyalty. According to them, the country should live by the continuation of their relatives in power, without whom the country must be turned into a bloody river where survival is only the right of the gunmen.

They are writing in various Media including electronic devices that they are advocating in different social forums to defend their ruling sons and daughters using the available tools at their reach and they are also running up and down, here and there,to blindly implement the above-mentioned subject. They defend the tribal wars in accordance with recommendations and dictations of their tribes which are never subject for any analysis, interpretations or explanations.

The gallant warriors are committed beyond doubt to ensure both continuation of active service for their relatives as well as their political ascendance to the proclaimed post believed to be permanent share, or if not it should be a turn of their tribe. Those who have been taught by their community teachings that they are the most capable to lead the nation, would find it very difficult to accept that the same quality might exist in other people of different communities.

The tribal supporters perceive government as good only when their relatives keep ascending onthe political ladder from a good post to a better one and holding much hope for the best. However, when they hear the blow of change coming either by external or internal factors which might deter the political continuation of their ruling sons or daughters, they react furiously and turn out into wild citizens or critics. Sometimes, they launch tribal crusades and hostilities against the government as extortion to maintain at least the current political status to their ruling sons or daughters.

In view of the brave racialists, the governmental positions, especially those connected with higher leadership occupied by their relatives are considered as durable entitlements and permanent share of their tribe which should be protected by tribesmen and constantly reserved by force. If changes are to be made, it must come along with advance guarantee for alternative posts to be confirmed through series of bargainsbytribes’ representatives (politicians, chiefs, elders, intellectuals). Without prior guarantee, the occupied post by their sons or daughters should not be lost, changed, or made redundant under any circumstance neither through the institutional re-structuring nor vide the verdict of ballots during elections.

The racialists behave wildly not because they are naturally blind tribal supporters walking machines in human characters but because they have been politically programmed with the primitive concept to believe in themselves, whatever is dictated to them by the pillars of their communities. However, the objectives, principles and motives of the tribalism militants differ from one another as long as the understandings and concepts of communities and tribes are variable.

So any institutional decision regarding removing, reshuffling, withdrawing powers and nominationswhich are not in favor of their relatives in power, is a violation of tribe’s rights. Consequently, it constitutes a tribal genuine cause with worth of defense not only to protect their affected sons and daughters but also to beat the drum for all out war against the communities and tribes from which the decision makers are affiliated.

The more the decision taken remains effective, the more they get blinding and the overall surrounding turns into gloom and blind others even those who were born long- sighted  or nationalists get blind too. This is the compulsory and exceptional situation where none of us cannot avoid walking on gloomy tribal streets beating others randomly in revenge of being beaten somewhere anonymously out of darkness of the tribal wars and ethnical conflict.

Of course, we had had some bitter tribal wars in the earliest eighties of Kokora era, we also took much of 1991 SPLA Split crises. Our bellies have fed up with Juba crises of 15th /Dec/2013 which evolved into a full brutal war. As the tribal war continues, we are expected to drink more cups of sorrow from the river of the armed conflict unless the most concerned sons and daughters with the nationalism principles volunteers to terminate the third coming crises of the rivaling crew within the historical ship of the People’s revolution.


you can see some of the tribal Mujahedeens(militants) fighting vigorously in the battles of wars under the doctrine that, “our tribe must lead or South Sudan should bleed,” You can hear them talking violently in their folk forums to cultivate into their children, the tribal concepts which passed from one generation to another that, they are the brave fighters to whom the whole country should kneel down to, You can read their articles in electronic media which proves that a lot of the educated elites and the ordinary laymen, who never went to school are the same in our country.

To the surprise of the aliens, recommendations of tribes along with sayings of spiritual leaders are much believed in our country more than the verses of the heavenly religion or sciences which prove that the earth moves around the sun. As long as many SPLM affiliated leaders and professors of the higher institutions and the PhD holders are the first believers of their tribes’ concepts and are the executors of the sayings of their spiritual masters, the motives for the ongoing tribal war shall keep renewing from time to time and the military conflict will be a permanent business of the nation.

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