Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

When l got reports that Juba would be in total blackout, my first thought was that JEDCO was back with its earlier scheme but this one was with different approach. Well, we may not blame them because they are still growing and will catch-up one of these days to be where others are by supplying electricity to every house hold. They would be there if their PR worked according to corporate institution requirements and they would be there only if they control their tariffs. I am bringing this up because the electricity supply in the city has not been so consistent. There are areas with 24 hours- seven power throughout while other areas are limping to have the power on regular basis. The supplying company should make it mandatory that all clients or customers who had been connected should be on supply and provided with power like all others. There should be no discrimination or selection in service delivery to the general public. The basic of a developing nation is pegged on the ability to have well-managed road network, electricity and running piped water among the top which includes shelter, food security, education and proper health facilities. Indeed the authorities are working on these lines to normalize and improve the existing situation. It should be the concern and take of everyone to supplement this by contributing in their right position what they have. Firms like JEDCO should live beyond selection and provide power to all starting from the capital city. It is their duty and obligations to provide equal services without giving preference to any section or individuals. The users have had their cry about the high charges, the firm should have an alternative centre for information where the users or customers would be able to seek or give appropriate information. Back to the blackout, l was taken between two interests. My boss had directed that we must work with or without power having been restored. The long holiday was beckoning and l wish l would have a break for all that l cared. But coming to think of it how it would be boring without power in the house if the duration was to be more than a day, l stealthy accepted to work knowing very well that l could not have said no anyway. There is an important and common need to have those in the service delivery do their part and the general public their part. In trade and business, the two sides of the coin must supplement one another because without the other side it can no longer be a coin. This is why when you are thinking of setting up a service delivery institution you must think of the people you are going to serve first to ensure you are well prepared to give them what they want and at all the time because they are the masters who were paying for your up-keep and lifeline.

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