DARK FORCES-Peace deal under threat

Angelina Teny The Minister of Defence and Veteran Affairs

By John Agok

The Minister of Defence and Veteran Affairs and leading member of the main opposition party, SPLM-IO, Angelina Teny has warned of a group of individuals who view reforms as a threat to their interests were working hard to dismantle the 2018 peace deal.

Ms Teny made the remarks during the launch of the Women Leadership Advocacy Initiative under the theme: “When Women Rise” in Juba yesterday.

The Defence and Veteran Affairs Minister lamented that the current structures of the government inherited from Sudan were hard to reforms. She however noted that the ongoing permanent constitution-making will provide a roadmap to reforming the system that she said has continued to sideline women.

“We need such reform packages provided in the Peace Agreement to remove hindrances intentionally enshrined to marginalized by then in Sudan,” she said.

Ms Teny called on women leaders and activists to push for the full implementation of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS) or change resistors will dismantle the pact right before their eyes.

“Peace agreement (R-ARCSS) needs determination and selflessness negotiation. It requires your contribution to leverage the implementation deal or else it will be dismantled before your watch by those who do not need change. Not everyone wants change, you know,” she said.

The Minister also urged women advocates to identify the scope of their advocacy to enable them to tap into areas necessary for sustainability change.

She said the women leaders to write petitions to donors and government institutions asking for transparency and accountability in the way resources are spent.

“I called upon government institutions and international partners to account for resources used. Government ministries to take ownership and allow the transparency and accountability,” she said.

Mary AyenMajok, the Deputy Speaker of the upper chamber of the national legislature, Council of States applauded the historical launch of the Women Leaders Advocacy Initiative.

“Women are now stakeholders in government not Spectators to wait for implementation of peace Agreement, but be part and parcel to contribute for the implementation process,” she said.

Ms Jackline Nasiwa, the executive director of the Centre for Inclusivity, Governance,Peace and Justice (CIGPJ) thanked the participants in the launch and urged them to contribute to the initiative.

The launching event was organized by CIGPJ and Care International with funding from the governments of the Netherland and Canada.

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