Dares facing young people

By Akol Arop Akol

Most of the time the young people are faced by many challenges especially the teenagers who have no voice to speak out what is paining them. These include poverty, heavy housework, punishments (torture) and so forth. Generally it refers to violation of child’s rights. Child rights are not respected. A parent who sends a child to walk in scorching sun, in rain or at night is against the right and should face the law. A child has a right to ask for what to eat, drink and wear. And that is the duty of those who gave birth to them. Family problems that are left unsolved are the most issues dragging down the capabilities of young people. The way they are being brought up, the way they are taught and prepared for the right future is the role of their parents to be instruct them possibly without any failure. Parents have big impressions on their children. The ways they are treated can either discourage or even dismantle their hopes and become blind to see the future.

I would like to ask these questions and parents should try to think about roles they are supposed to play. Why did you decide to give birth to a child? Did you want to multiply the world or want to see your offspring remain on Earth? Before you wanted to produce, did you really plan well, like what kind of a child you want to raise? Did you think of where you would get the basic needs? As I talk, there are people with more than five kids, others with 10 wives, is that number favorable?

A man is thought to not marry more than one wife because God forbids that. Do you know why? If you want a big family but is unable to hold the responsibility, what do you think God will say? What do think that God will feel? He does not like it.  Imagine some parents produce just like rats or dogs, and the number of kids reaches 8 or 10, how are they well managed.  A hen is better because it can brood the eggs, hatches and protect them till maturity. It always provides them food and protection. Take a look at the chickens one day. The mother picks up some small particles like grains and calls its chicks to eat. That is the best care. Human or people should do the same thing if they really love their children. Some have little salary and cannot provide food for the children. They are not taken to school. Here in the country people never minded of what kind or type of school could one’s child study in.

A father or mother may only focus on how much is the fee and then sees whether he or she could be able to pay. Most of the parents take children to government schools, where sometimes there is no proper or usual teaching as the teachers are often complaining for being unpaid on time. Poor family management leads to outbreak of the children to the street where they dally around trying to shove life day by day. A cloth to where got no importance for them. They could just wear one dress throughout the whole year. Parents must take control of children. See, they are now incapable of giving care and love, why are they continuing giving birth?

Making it worst, there are mothers and fathers that treat kids unequally. They love one and hate the other. That discourages and makes a child lonely knowing the subjection to isolation.


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