Daniel Dinganyai, Slate Nation in Australia for Gigs

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Juba juice singer Slate Nation and “An ce yin” singer Daniel Dinganyi are in Australia ahead of their musical tour that will see them perform in the Australian states.

Dinganyi and Slate Nation will have their first show this Friday in Melbourne. The second show will be on the 18th in Perth at a South Sudanese wedding of Malual Jok and Aluel, and on 24th November, the duo will perform again in Perth.


Slate Nation in a facebook chat with Juba Monitor revealed his happiness to sing for his brothers and sisters in the cities of Melbourne and Perth where many South Sudanese reside.

“Australia is home to majority of South Sudanese and other beautiful people, I’m so glad that I will sing and dance with my people,” he said.  My work is to entertain and I will make sure I do that,” Slate Nation told Juba Monitor in Facebook chat upon his arrival on Saturday.

Slate Nation is making his second appearance in Australia after his first tour was interrupted by some people he described as “bad minded people” early this year.

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