The management of Dahabshil in South Sudan should not use other means to run away from the truth. It is not the intention of Juba Monitor to cross swords with anybody but where we are being forced to do so it will be done with full proof of truth without any motive or intention except the professional ethics which required a balanced and factual reporting. It is on record that the money dealer’s official talked to our reporter when seeking comments from forex bureaus over the street complaints of the high dollar rates by the Central Bank. At the moment there is no need to open up a Pandora box on the matter, but Dahabshil must know that if true they had genuine complaints or denying having talked to us, it was for them to send or avail their statement of their so called facts to Juba Monitor. Having given it out to other newspapers on paid up adverts without extending the same to us speaks volume. On 20th January 2021, the headline in Juba Monitor was very clear “Alarming Central Bank USD rates shut-off forexes” more than four forex bureaus were interviewed and other money experts. No ill motive and no intention, the Dahabshil lawyer called and we explained our position which we still maintain. The Managing Director of the company who later confirmed that whoever talked to our reporter was not authorized to do so on behalf of the company. It is logical that whoever is not authorized can simply refer to anyone making inquiries outside his or her mandate to talk to the right person. In Juba Monitor we can assure the readership and the country that we stand with our report and anything contrary meant to please or cover for someone’s misdoing will not be entertained as we cherish and stand to preach only the truth all the time. Dahabshil should learn to carry its own cross without shifting gears.

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