D-DAY-For women globally

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Today, women celebrate International Women’s Day worldwide.

In South Sudan, Last week, many women in the country talked about what should be done.

One of the Senior women government officials who is the Minister of General Education and Instructions Awut Deng Acuil called all men to accord due respect to women in the country.

She said women must be respected in their positions as well as at homes. They should not be abused and targeted on social media by group of people or individuals.

Ms. Acuil added that she witnessed abuses and bad words said against her on social media. She is a mother, has children, family and relatives which reflected a bad image to them.

The Minister further argued that such kind of behavior should not target any woman in the country.

“I am saying this to those who abused me and targeted me on social media, I don’t want women to be abused in such a manner, let this be the first and the last as bad example to me.”

Miss. Nyaleel who leads African Indigenous Women Empowerment organization said women in the country deserve every right and they must be respected in whatever capacity because;

“Each time a woman stands up for herself without knowing it possible without claiming it, she stands up for all women.”

To me, I believe that this day is the day we are supposed to appreciate and give women the special respect with special gifts that they like. It is the time the men need to show the love for their women and come up strongly telling to the woman that mammy you mean a lot to me and you have been doing something important in my life.

Simple, I am saying that it is the day that the husband need to present a special gift to her wife, daughters, aunts and whoever deserves that has a way of showing love to women.

Anna Achuei Gai, the Director of Dream Care Foundation encourages the country’s women to stand strong and be peace promoters in the country.

“A powerful woman is the one who cannot hesitate to raise her voice for the cause she believes in, and this magical voice lives in her heart and can never be shaken.”

My message to all women, especially in South Sudan where women are regarded little to nothing, as we face challenges day by day hopping to get better opportunities, I wish you all to continue being strong hearted, determined, hardworking, educative, persistent, compassionate, successful and express love to each other for we the mothers of the nation and major part of national building and peace promoters.

We should always stand strong because united we stand, divided we fall. “Happy Women’s Day,” Miss Achuei wishes.

As a young girl of this country, I would like to wish every woman in the country and elsewhere happy women’s day.

I believe that this day is a special day for us; therefore, as we celebrate the day let us join our hands together for peace in the country. Most importantly, we are calling on our men in the country to give women full respect and freedom in their daily work.

As women, we need much respect and freedom so that we exercise our rights peacefully without violation from anybody and we expect our fathers and brothers to help women in today’s celebration by even cooking for their wives and sisters.

Irene Ayaa, the acting principal for Media Development in South Sudan encourages the women in the country to take challenge in leadership since they are capable of doing what men can do.

All the women from the various sectors should take a challenge of leadership since women are capable of doing what men can do in order to speed up the development in the country.

“I also encourage the fellow women to take good care of their children during this period of Covid-19 since it is one of the roles why they are remembered and celebrated in the history. Coronavirus is real and is going to stay with us,” she said.

I am also calling on the public to continue to follow the preventive measures against Covid-19.

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