D-DAY, Dec 2 for National Conference

By Martha David

National Dialogue Conference is set for December 2nd in Juba, said an official.

Yesterday the National Dialogue Steering Committee met the African Ambassadors from African Union, IGAD and updated them on the upcoming National Conference.

Speaking after the meeting yesterday, Ambassador Dr. Francis Mading Deng Deputy Rapporteur, National Dialogue Steering Committee said the National Conference will be held on the second of December.

He said the conference is scheduled for ten days.

He said the preparation for the conference requires practical arrangements including logistical and operational.

Dr. Francis said the consultation process begun from the grassroots to the regional conference and now they were focusing on the National Conference.

“We focus on preparations but within a broad context of the ongoing cooperation to promote the result of our work regionally and internationally,” Francis added.

He stated that they were also preparing within the African continent by putting this in their context of our continued consultation and exchanging views.

Ambassador Joram M. Biswaro, Special Representative of the African Union Commission expressed views on how the National Conference should be in the context of Pan Africa.

“We advise the best way to do as Africans, as Africans we express our total support to this process and we look forward to continue working together so that we have a successful National Conference,” Ambassdor Joram stressed.

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