There are a lot of manmade problems facing the forest today, most of which will come to haunt us a few years later. The trees are being cut down like never before meaning that our future and that of our children hangs in the balance. What will a world or a country without trees look like? I think it would be a useless world and it is not only this, something dangerous is looming too and it is something that needs our collective responsibility before it is too late. I don’t know the statistic of the animals we have right now but I have a belief and it is a belief that sends a strong signal of fear through my spine when I think over it that most of the animals, elephants, monkeys, rhinoceros just to mention but a few will be no more in the next thirty or to forty years later and this is going to be a very big blow to the country and who will carry the blame? Or do we mean to say that Mother Nature will have to be blamed for that. I think not because that is not true. Animals and trees have the natural rights to be protected by humans because without trees we are completely nothing. In South Sudan, trees are being cut down and animals killed as a result of poverty. People want to survive through charcoal and timbers and animals are an addition. It is a part of life but why we cut down trees without replacing them and the killing of big animals like elephants and giraffe is another question that I want to be answered if there was anybody willing to do that for me because we are destroying our own future without the knowledge of the great harm we are trying to create.

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