Customary law training concluded in Yei

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

The five-day customary law review workshop organized by the international organization for migration concluded on Monday in Yei River County of Central Equatoria State.

The forum brought together chiefs, religious leaders, and local government officials from the counties of Yei, Lainya, and Morobo respectively.

The training awaiting documentations of the recommendations mainly on marriage issues, inheritance of properties, and authority arose the interest of the local government officials in Greater Yei.

The participants are urged to enforce the amendment of the reforms in the three counties of Morobo, Lainya, and Yei.

International organization for migration or IOM representative Okoth Geoffrey asks the chiefs and all customary law enforcement agencies to execute the reforms.

He mentions that the organization will put in place locally driven solutions on changing the lives of people in greater Yei.

“We are going to work with you to ensure we roll other program interventions whose focus is to ensure we rejuvenate the former country’s breadbasket which due to conflict and crisis has not been productive. The program intervention is targeting the areas of a return across the four counties of Yei. We shall be working with you to see how we drive the engine based on locally driven solutions to change the lives of our people in the area of return. This is going to be a partnership to last with us for two years, reveals the IOM representative.

United Nations Mission in South Sudan- UNMISS team leader in Yei, James MugoMurithihiapplaused the IOM for initiating the program.

Mugo mentions that traditional justice is very immense in the peace process and democratization.

He assures authorities in the three counties of working together for prosperous greater Yei in conflict resolutions and ensuring peace in the region when traditional sanctions are applied.

“We thank our colleagues IOM, mobilizers, and consortium for this credible inclusive, and transparent process of reviewing the customary law in this region. The traditional justice system is so critical that can not be ignored in the peace and democratization process. So, i appreciate you for the good work you have done because it is one way of building peace,” He explains.

Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa, Commissioner of Yei River County fastened the training for further deliberations and outcomes.

 He advises the chiefs to carry on justice according to recommended customary law justice and encourages peace in their localities.

He went on to mention that the chiefs and all local government officials be exemplary in their levels to bring reforms.

Cyrus mentioned that the reforms on customary laws copies will be handed to all chiefs in greater Yei and the recommendations tabled to the state legislative assembly of Central Equatoria.

“Go and do the work as expected from you as chiefs. The work you are doing, if a judge judges a case rightfully, God will not complain but he will complain with a judge who judges a case wrongly, he will say you are a bad judge. So let this training bring a change in the courts for peace to reign. Let your stay here for ten days not be for nothing but make use of the knowledge gained in the training,” Commissioner Cyrus advises the traditional leaders.

The now seven-day training which ended with cultural dances was witnessed by dignitaries from the national government, UNMISS, and Ambassadors from various organizations.

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