Customary courts to be established in Ikotos County

By Kabaka Quintous Leone

Eastern Equatoria State, Ikotos County will soon establish a customary court at all payams in the county, the paramount Chief said yesterday.

Chief said plans were underway to visit the six payams in the county to ensure the customary courts were made to function to guarantee rule of law in villages.

Speaking to Juba Monitor Chief John Odongi said the tour to assess the payams will start within this week.

“For this new year, I plan to visit all the former payams and all the Bomas so that they have to be in peace, the main purpose is I need to see that all the chiefs and the community should be together and actually to see that the customary law be in place, the court will be recognized in Boma levels and people have to solve problems amicably,” said Chief.

He complained that the local community have negative attitude towards chiefs saying the behaviors may affect the rule of law.

“The customary courts by then you see some other communities, they don’t respect chiefs when it comes to solving problems, they don’t know the role of chiefs. The chiefs are there actually to solve problems and putting the customary laws in place, the community actually wants us to continue talking to them because if we live them like that things will not be good, they cannot even listen to what you are telling them from far,” chief explained.

According to the chief, poor roads hamper service delivery in Ikotos County.

He urges government to prioritize roads for smooth service delivery to the local population.

“The main challenge that we have now is bad road, these cars given will not access the road, let our government think about maintaining the roads to be in a good condition,” the Chief said.

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