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Custom traders ask for compensation from City Council

By Yiep Joseph

As demolition of all business entities that encroached government roads and places continue to loom in Juba, small scale business owners appealed to the Mayor of Juba City Council to make compensate their property destroyed during demolition.

However, the Mayor of Juba Kalisto Laduin his address to the media during demolition in Custom market yesterday mentioned that the demolition was meant to organize the city like other cities adding that it was an order from City Council and traders must abide by it.

He added that traders were given time to leave selling on those areas meant for pedestrians mostly on theroads side but they kept deaf ears. 

Garang AwengMabek, a kiosk owner in Custom market accepted that setting kiosks along the road was wrong but demolishing them without alternatives was also wrong since it could not solve the problem. 

“We set up the kiosk at wrong places that were close the roads not because we did not know that it was wrong but that was what we could manage, demolishing them was not a solution but a loss to all of us,” Mabek said.

He revealed that their businesses were meant to help their families by providing daily meal and medication.

“Iam a father because of the kiosk where I sell airtime and other items, I feed my family and take my children to hospital through money got from this but now it is demolished,” he complained.

“Our kiosks near the roads are not more harmful than all the waste along the main streets in Juba and it is better for our Mayor to see garbage and potholes even here in Custom. We have bad roads with potholes all over. I usually see these potholes to be main cause of evening jam not us,” he explained.

Meanwhile,Akelli Mike Ladu, a businessman whose items were taken and some destroyed during demolition, urged the Mayor of Juba CityCouncil to compensate those who lost property during the demolition.

“I am appealing to the Mayor to at least bring our wheel borrows and beverages back to us such that we find were to put and start selling we have no any other source to get money for food,” Akelli said.

Nyokavincentsubru, a sandals seller revealed that they sold on the roadside in order to get more customers.

“We sell on the open places along the road in order to get more customers to buy our sandals, we know it is bad but what can I do the condition forced us to do so,” Nyoka said.

“I request my City Mayor to give us some open places near the road to sell our items mostly in the evening and we would respect their laws, we would not put any kiosk on the road.”

Jamal AgelleDuriga, an owner of the container carried by the City Council narrated that the container taken contained products such as shoes, clothes, bags among other valuable products.

“What I need is for City Council to get me good space to place my container here in custom,” Jamal said.

He revealed that most of the kiosk set up on the roads were for south Sudanese.

“All this kiosk on the roads belong to South Sudanese.We just rent them to make sure that our sales increase in order to get good sale at the end of the day,” he added

The demolition that started last week according to the Mayor of Juba City Council Kalisto Ladu was intended to restore Sanity and organize Capital Juba like other cities.

Over the years, illegal structures that included containers, small open huts and kiosks had covered nearly every inch of Custom suburb with traffic congestion becoming a common occurrence after informal traders encroached onto the road making passage hard.

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