Curtain falls on veteran S.Sudanese agronomist

By Staff Reporter

The body of veteran South Sudan’s agronomist Michael Luguri Woja Soma arrived in the country yesterday.

The Late Luguri died on 15th August, 2019 in Cairo Egypt where he was hospitalized for two months following a kidney complication.

The 56-year-old agronomist was born of the Locwabore clan on 1st.Jan, 1963 in Kajo-Keji village.

He stated his school in 1968 at Logidi Primary School and later joined Junior School in Kajo-Keji before proceeding to Loka Secondary School in 1977.

In 1990 he joined the University of Juba in Khartoum, College of Natural Resources and Agriculture and later worked with the Swedish Mission where he served from 1966.

The late Luguri’s work changed the lives of different communities in Juba and Terekeka where he oversaw drilling of community boreholes. In 1983 he got married Ms Diko with whom they sired a child.

In 1997 he married a second wife Jackline Ludia with whom they were blessed with seven children.

The late Luguri fell sick in 2013 but it was until 2015 when he diagnosed with diabetics and high blood pressure, which forced him to seek treatment in Khartoum where his blood pressure and diabetes were managed.

In 2017, he travelled to Khartoum for a review where he was diagnosed with Kidney failure and put under dialysis as he continued with medication.

He would later be taken to Kampala before being transferred to Egypt for two months before he succumbed to his ailment on the 15th .8.2019.


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