Current lockdown is politically motivated

By John Agok

The current imposed fines against violators of COVID-19 Protocols  is deemed with  jungle rule  that given open check to law enforcers and a political cover up for the government to undermine its obligations to citizens .

Jame David Kolok, the Executive Director of FODAG challenged the Taskforce on Covid-19 that they have no full authority to impose penalties against Covid -19 protocol violators, calling it illegal and that a committee from Parliament is supposed to determine sanctions on Covid -19 measures violators.

He also revealed that the primary focus of the Taskforce shouldn’t be rushing to penalties but to assess the living conditions of the citizens over economic hardship and Covid-19 pandemic because they are looking for survival since the government is not a sole provider to their living cost.

“Kolok called on government to consider that, citizens are hustling to put food on the table and therefore, it is equally important for citizens to know that, Covid-19 is real and they should not wait for the government to impose measures against them,” he added.

However, the activist questioned the process of collecting fines from the citizens by individuals in organized forces. Rather the citizens should have been given a receipt to deposit that money directly to the Bank and he feared this money may end up in the people’s pocket than National Revenue Authority coffers.

“It is not realistic for security to collect such fines at all; it is the citizen to pay directly using receipt to the Bank. Take for example from other collections made by traffic police and other organized forces on the roads, do they really deposit this money rather it ended up in their pockets”, he underscored.

He cited that the Taskforce rushed to impose fines on citizens and through their communiqué, looking at it holistically, they should have begun on constructive and effective way of implementing the measures to the spread of COVID-19 not necessarily imposing fines. If they should impose fines, they should impose it against city councils or Ministry of transport.

“In fact, there is no lockdown in the country since you observed the partial lockdown on government activities as the cover up to hinder on implementation of peace agreement and leaving other business to run without being questioned,” he concluded.

The Vice President for Service Cluster, Hussein Abdelbagi Akol Ayii who is the head of the National Taskforce on Covid-19 issued a communiqué imposing fines against Covid -19 violators with exorbitant charges as penalties which sparked complaints in quarters of the city dwellers.

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