Culture is the mirror of a man!

By Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

And that there is a fight of one culture against another, it should be clear to all that every culture is important to specific people, at a specific time. This, in mind, should build in us the love of our cultural practices that we do not fall prey for un-awareness of self and living a life so foreigner-defined and solely for foreigner-goodness. I will break to this in a way which assumes that, “We have deviated from our good cultures, and worse still, keep up to the bad ones”.

It is true as that, anything becomes bad to one only if they had a better form or an alternate of that same thing. So, one senses it the moment there is a change in their state of things. But, how about this new phenomenon—the societal INSENSITIVITY to the bad changes before hand? I mean why have our palpability and sense of things become so un-working and never up to its function?

Today, however, Digging out The Truth, will have their view on this. But, first-off note this, “We are creating a new culture in our young population that if not looked into properly, there are chances that, all our good culture, will surely vanished. And noting that, the consequences of the new culture of things may prove deadly and deadlier, we should if not must, have a set of values from our various cultures integrated into our national curriculum—teachable for all the young for the betterment of their-self and the country”.

I believe and strongly believe that because of the exposure to new culture, our young un-exposed to our culture are proving that disrespect for elderly through words, dressing and broadly, a constraint to culture conduct is good and that the new culture masked in freedom—freedom to dress the way one wants, freedom to have disrespect for the elderly, freedom to fail in life and all in all, freedom never to be or know yourself and what makes you yourself. What then, do you think to be the outcomes of acts as these? Think over it. I bet the results are similar as these—failure-ness as a result of disunity (the child of limited knowledge about oneself) and then, loss of identity. Who survives the “Survival for the fittest game?” Only ones with their desirable traits, and not faked ones because ideally, the owner of these things survives in them better than you do. It is therefore, right that no matter how much you try to adopt different cultures, there is a lesser chance that you flourish in them than you would in yours. And yet, have we not noticed this happening with the culture among our young people? Yes! We have. The gang games, day and night robberies, abuse of elders on social media and always being illogical and un-authenticable in our says and dos are just indications of cultural calamity at hand, and in the near future.

It is high time we realize and act the rescue acts so quick and steadily with the power to impact this situation accordingly. Starting from homes, parents always have the duty—the divine mandate to bring up their children in a way that they ought to go. This is the start of all, and the moment it happens not, our schools have not much power to help but have a business pass over and on them. And this is another good way of helping one to day while gaining from them.

So, there are two things in the above statement! Our parents are not doing their do, and so are our schools. And because both are important in preaching and acting this,” Culture is the mirror of a man”, there is a need that they have to start doing what they ought to do.

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