Cultivating and weeding our minds

By Manyang Awech Awech

Particularly, as I glare at the world, I think of how living would be without some necessary things which humans contributed to make life simple and beautiful. I think of how life would possibly be without cars, electricity, clothes, shoes, books, pens and so forth. But as we utilize them, we should also not forget to appreciate the inventers for their enchanted staff which they made to ease our lives and make it marvelous.

There are absolutely people who contributed for the betterment of the world, though there are others who strongly struggled to destroy it. There are some folks who made weapons and other vicious things used for murdering, murmuring and causing mysterious life and remorseless tears which flow like Nile water. Kind hearted humans attempt to put all things right to comfort their brothers and sisters.

This makes up two categories in the world, which are good and bad persons, but both categories have one thing in common. Both were created by our Almighty Creator, God. But did God create both as good and hostile individuals respectively?

God created all human beings equally, each with his/her empty mind of which he/she is given a full charge to cultivate it with the crops of his/her choice. But due to the presence of evil (Satan) on earth, it gives people complexity to sort out beneficial things from harmful ones, since they all appear ravishing and glamorous in humans’ eyes.

Those whose eyes are opened by the Holy Spirit and cautious enough to manage recognize good crops and wisely opt to cultivate them in their minds are the ones who do things which are appreciated by their fellow brothers and sisters, while those who are blinded by the Satan are the ones who wrongly choose abominable things which cause destructions in the world.

Being like a garden, when one opts to cultivate good crops in his/her mind, there are some unwanted crops which grow together with the seeds which he/she has planted, of which when given time to get infested, they destroy crops leading to poor yield production. But what is always a solution?

Another double effort is required again from a farmer to pick tools and go for weeding. Weeding is not an easy task. If a farmer is not too cautious, then he/she might cut down the useful crops. People should be very serious in weeding their minds; otherwise they would also eliminate the good thoughts from their minds. But which are the weeds and the good crops that grow in minds?

Weeds are the evil thoughts which always take humans backward such as harassment, jealousy, hatred, revenge, robbing, causing chaos in the community and killing friends while the good crops are thoughts which contribute in storing peace and putting things right in the world.

It is momentous for every one of us to cultivate his/her mind with precious crops and share his/her ideas for the betterment of the world. I am not asking everyone to discover or invent something new but to contribute what he/she could manage to make the world suitable for all of us.

For instance, helping brothers and sisters either materially or financially if an individual has little, teaching them the little profitable thing he/she knows or arbitrating disputes and living peacefully, composing songs of peace and encouragement if a person is a musician, entertaining people if he/she is a comedian or dramatist, picking a pen and writing stories if an individual is a writer because every one’s contribution is necessary to maneuver to the world (move it skillfully into a good position).

The writer is a student of Juba International Secondary School and can be reached via contact; 0910800200.


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