Cry of a deprived widow

The robber had the thirst

That cool night he came bare feet

I met the eyes through the window

Shining like a glass door.


Terror engulfed me at the widow

Darkness was in my window

The burglar’s instructions were clear

Left or right, nobody could scare


Open the fuckin door!

Or I begin the go.

Trump money, Euros

Or pounds all are sorrows!


That her snore jumped to the sky

The sleep was hiding too shy

She pleaded, don’t take my only rice

I better give you the remaining coinage


Bring to me here now!

Before the cock crow.

Two choices; life or death?

Life papa, not death.


For life’s bitter sake

George’s money, and only rice be gone

My bloody sweat and tears

And my desperate hope and fears


I better curse the darkness,

That manufactures muggers

To engulf each life

Causing unforeseen demise.


Endurance be my blanket

All my worries to forget

Though I toiled and suffered

For the robber to celebrate


Now the empty hand cried

The rice for my little ones robbed

For life’s bitter sake

Patience for God’s hand


Will God give me more rice?


Meet the poet at: loro.louis@yahoo.com











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