Cry my beloved country

Expressing Loud

By: Umbi Alfred Taban

South Sudanese from all their dimensions and affiliation were last week at a high expectation note waiting for a political opera that they could rejoice on, unfortunately they were demoralized upon hearing how the country’s top leadership meeting ended without ending the stalemate they are on.

There are two issues; one is the number of states then the boundaries of those states.

During the CPA negotiations, the SPLM team demanded that the transitional period be two years while the Khartoum Islamic regime demanded for ten years, so the mediators took the numbers from both sides added them and divided them by two; we had a six years transitional period with Khartoum regime. So why didn’t they try such a mechanism as a way of compromise from both sides!

There are currently 32 states that were formed by our government which have evolved from 28 originally formed and most of them were confirmed as the will of the people of those areas in the national dialogue, how can Dr. Riek Machar be against the will of some of his people?

On the other side earlier in 2015, the SPLM-IO was the first to initiate the issue of states as a way forward for resolving the conflict by introducing a blueprint of 21 states they believed could accommodate the people and tribes of South Sudan in harmony.

One thing in common is that they agreed while in disagreement to introduce more states and now they are disagreeing on its number and boundaries.

As for the boundaries, I would ask which country on the African continent have fixed boundaries where internally or with its neighbors?

The people of South Sudan demand peace and a Government by 22 of February and those who don’t want are against the People.

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