Cry for South Sudan

By Akol Arop Akol

We may smile for reason, either because of things we have such as money or because of people around us that make our lives better, and when we do so our friends and relatives including strangers ask why we are happy, it is because we got new jobs, won awards, got promoted at work place, or given a ticket for trip to US. They wonder.

They will be wondering what makes us smile every time maybe they want also to find out where that happiness comes from. Some have taken happiness to be a result money, materials and lovers. But as they cannot get the source for themselves, they couldn’t be happy at all, what they do is feeling jealous of their fellows. That’s natural feeling of human beings.

In opposite of Happiness, we have sadness which no one bothers to know its root cause. When having a gloomy face, people assume you are desperate for something. It could be true because here in our country there are a lot of challenges that civilians cannot bear, starting with poor likelihood, imagine one has to spend days without eating, getting pure water is hard and fear of losing life are the problems we face here.

So, we cry always, but I am not sure if all could be patriotic to cry for the economically and socio-politically affected people because am sure some will shed crocodile tears. I need us to be in solidarity with people who are suffering beyond imagination in this country. Cry for the children of South Sudan who are homeless, laying down on streets and asking help from strangers who have few among them with charity hearts, but majority just ignore the children and bypass them even if they have pregnant wallets with a lot of pounds and dollars. Cry for South Sudan children who have no parents or relatives to take them to school, so what they do is counting mangoes for sell on streets instead of counting numbers at school. Life is not fair and that’s why if we have heart of humanity, we must stand in solidarity with them because they are humans like us and their families were claimed by long conflicts in the country.

Cry for the women, who lost their beloved husbands and now remained as widows without jobs, or homes, so they shifted to hustle in the market. No surprise why some women are smoking Shisha or taking alcohols, it is because they lost hope in life. Cry for those women who sit at the gates of big men waiting for assistance, sometimes those with good hearts help, but there are those with stone hearts. Cry for the elderly, the grand people who should have been settled at home and taken care of by their children are homeless, it is sad. I shed tears when I met an old man trying to cross the road. He was walking with a help of a stick, I wanted to help him cross the road but he shouted at him, “Go away I don’t want any help.” he said. I felt disappointed. How someone so weak could refuse to be helped to cross a busy road with vehicles? I realized it was trauma. He has no children to send. Those are people we should be taking care of but because the country is not stable.

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