Criticism And Crisis A Gateway To Success

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Criticism and crisis are gateways to success. The fear of criticism is the fear of loss of self-confidence. The stroppy of failure is caused by non-identification of the reasons you were created and what you are to do during your lifetime. This article analyses the best practices to avoid criticism and the benefits during times of crisis. The serious problem we have is misrepresentation of the use of the word “Greater”. ie. Greater Equatoria, Greater Bahar Ghazal, Greater Upper Nile. If you are great, whom do want to tell? Why don’t you keep your greatness for yourself?  Do you know that greatness invite enemies? Who is that great man than I am? Therefore, your greatness will be challenged by  another great man somewhere there. This is the problem. A young man challenges his father because he thinks he is greater than him, and when asked which culture is this?he answers I am still young. Yesterday we were great, tomorrow we are a young country. This is the problem. So if we are young we should grow slowly by slowly, if we are greater, then we should be able to stand-alone.

Our currency was strong, because we are greater than a person next door and we were challenged to the extent that no country wants our currency. No one challenges a simple man, instead, you get the benefits of being simple, and simplicity means a lot. If you are great, keep your greatness for yourself. After all, God did not create anybody great, even Jesus was a carpenter at one time. If you insist that, you are greater, and then expect to be challenged by any other person like you who called himself great as well. However, you can avoid criticism, crisis, challenges and greatness and be successful. Criticism and crisis are dreams of success. Do not go to sleep and think you are safe, the higher you climb the more people will try to drag you down, and more criticism you attract. This is the problem and this is life.

Therefore, life is not a game. Critics are drawing a circle of failures on your doorstep,not because they are interested in you, not because they want you to flourish, they are not engrossed to know how you got there, or creating some gamefor their own discouragement, but because, they deep down their hate on your foot and know they do not have the courage to even do what you do. They do not have the courage to offer you any alternative, so it is easier for them to throw shade on you. Therefore, do not let their shade block your light, do not let their words, which are based around their own fears and limitations, stop you from going after what you want. Do not ever let the opinions of others stop you from living the life you know you are capable of. To avoid these glitches, do the following:1. Do nothing about the criticism, 2. Say nothing to them, 3. be nothing of yourself, 4. ignore Criticism, 5. Ignore the haters6. Even,do not give them your valuable time or energy to discuss why, and,never let the opinion of others get into the way of the dreams that are yours.

When you fail, you destroy the reputation of God. God wants you to succeed.If you are in crisis, go back to the basic and start again. God wants you to succeed. Businesses discontinuation is important feature of dynamic economy and entries, and existence of business are closely connected to business life circle, just like your life.  Life is not a game. So business is not a game. A majority of entrepreneurs have focused much on success, and little is known about failure. In most cases, it is the bad time that is blamed for business failures, this is not the case, crisis has some benefits for executives and society as well. 1. Crisis demands and creates new thinking patterns, 2. Crisis Initiate new concepts of doing things3. Crisis renew your vision4. Crisis cancels experiences,5. Crisis manifests or exposes leadership ability to lead, and a good leader is a leader who leads during the time of crisis.

After all, anybody can be a good leader during good times. Therefore, success and failure are predictable elements of businesses and life. Law designs every life, and laws make life predictable. Successes and failures are not mysterious as we see them, but both are the results of good decision and implementation of law. Laws do not make you a good person or citizen, God has already done that for you, but laws are meant to guarantee functions in the society. When you fail, go back to the basics and start again. God wants you to Succeed.  Remember, individual, community and national vices are the extreme problem,not the crisis or criticism created after them. In business, many assumptions have been put forward, and they include the following. Five laws for business success. First Law, be fruitful, you must produce something, the command presumed that when there is production, there must exist a seed somewhere, and the seed is your idea to produce business. The idea influence the formation of your business, to solve a particular problem, ie. A person walking barefooted, then you initiated a shoes factory to solve this problem, therefore business is problem. Second Law,when you produce, you must multiply, meaning reproduce your product. If you cannot reproduce, your business will fail and you will remain poor, and when you reproduce, then you must distribute your product widely. Third Law, Replenish, means to distribute your product widely, so that you can continue the production processes, this will influence your control over the market. Forth Law, Subdue the market, meaning to control the market with your product, if you cannot control the market, your business will never succeed i.e. Billgate subdued the Microsoft market and became a billionaire. Therefore, it is from here that you must dominate the market with your product. Fifth law, Dominion, meaning you must impact the environment with your product. If therefore, you follow these proclamations, nothing will prevent you from being a successful being.

Remember, everyone possesses a seed of success. First, your seed is your purposeful idea and passion, secondly, your seed contains your future. Thirdly, every seed has a forest of goods fourthly, your seed determines your natural talents and fifthly, the world needs your seed, but the world does not eat seeds, the world eats fruits, so be fruitful, do business, and therefore your fruit will be your business. Also a person owe the world the following characteristics: First, you are born to face and solve problems, second, God responds to the needs he created for you to do, third, you are the answer to the questions God knew will be asked by generations that come after you. Fourth, you are the fulfilment of Gods desire, Fifth, you are the assignment that the world needs to experience Sixth, you are therefore necessary. If you want to be a successful businessperson, do not seek success but seek to become a person of value, refine your gifts to the point where the world needs it, make your seed to grow into a tree. Changing from one thing to another is a sign of failure that will lead to poverty. You must master your domain and your natural talents are your domain.This article does not represent the opinion of the publisher.

The article does not express the views of the paper, purely a personal opinion.

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